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Since the release of their debut single in 2019, Mili & Bertie have been writing, recording and gigging relentlessly; boldly claiming their unique sound & place in the UK unsigned artist scene. Their music has been performed all over the world from the beaches of Bora Bora to a 12 date  tour of the U.S. including LA’s infamous venues ‘Hotel Cafe’, ‘The Mint’ & Nashville’s TN Brew Works.

The duo’s music and presence have caught the attention of BBC Radio, BBC Introducing, Talk Sport & numerous other radio stations and music publications.

2021 saw a summer packed full of shows for the pair that included a support slot for James Walsh (Starsailor) at the Liverpool ‘Grand Central Hall’ and a live performance on BBC 5 Live which led to their music being saved in The National Archives.


Mili & Bertie kicked off the new year by releasing their debut EP ‘Into The Night’.
The dynamic 5 track EP made quite a splash with the pair’s catchy melodies, honest lyrics and soaring harmonies.

‘Into The Night’ included the re-release of their track ‘That’s Alright’ which featured the The Stranglers guitarist and frontman Baz Warne.


Aside from progressing in their career, the band have been very passionate about raising money for charity.
Taking advantage of live streaming, M&B have raised over £1500 for children charities such as Kidasha & Warchild.

“Mili & Bertie are creating waves with their boundary-breaking sound. Bringing contemporary edginess to an old-school acoustic folk sound, UK-based duo Mili & Bertie are rather difficult to define. In fact, they admit that their music is difficult to categorise as they want to bring diversity to their sonic sphere – and this is what they really do. Their new  EP is as dynamic and refreshing as their live performances; engaging, energetic and effortlessly connects with listeners. While there is a strong folk influence to their music, the melodic arrangements introduce some dream-pop beats to the eclectic style. Receiving coverage from York Calling, The Daily Listening, Roadie Music, and Up And Coming, Mili & Bertie are creating waves with their boundary-breaking sound.”

-The Other Side Reviews


“Mili & Bertie are masters of their craft and make their trademark brand of bluesy country-pop Americana, with its infectious melodies and tight vocal harmonies, sound and look effortless”

-Gig At The End Of The Wold


“Their five-track stunning debut EP which is bursting with captivating country-influenced alt-pop tracks guaranteed to grab your attention with their irresistible melodies, gorgeous harmonies and driving guitars.

Something truly magical happens when Mili and Bertie start to sing in unison. Their voices blend together so beautifully and every harmony is a gift to the ears”

-Up & Coming Music blog


“Berkshire, UK duo, Mili & Bertie, have just released their debut EP, Into The Night, and if you’ve been searching for something to chill out to, look no further. Soaring with alternative meets pop/rock with a tad bit of country a la early Kacey Musgraves, you’re in for a treat!

Featuring 5 tracks, Into The Night is only the beginning for these two, and we have a feeling their sound is going to catch on.”

-The Daily Listening








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